Only Positive Vibes Allowed!


In a world filled with bad things happening, there comes a time where you just need to pause. Pause for a second. Pause for a minute. Pause for an hour. Pause for a day. Just pause and reflect on yourself. Only you; forget everything and everybody else. Reflect on everything that belongs to you: Your thoughts, your feelings, your life path, your career path, your body, your needs, your wants, your desires. Write them down if you feel the need to. You’ll be surprised at how messed up your mind is. You’ll find secret thoughts that have been kept hidden even from your own conscious. You’ll find that those thoughts have been affecting who you are and how you decide and where you are at this moment.

It’s time for you to filter those thoughts down and leave only the positive ones with you. Life is difficult, tough and exhausting enough that you don’t need extra pressure from your own self. The best way to relax, even if for a few seconds, is to bring those positive vibes to your conscious mind and they will gradually help rid your soul of all the negativity.

You’ll find that after filtering your mind, you’ll lead a better, successful, happy life. You’ll be more relaxed. There will still be problems coming in. I mean, at the end of the day, you’re dealing with life. But at least, the problems will be easier to handle when you have the positivity dominating your mind and soul. If you fight anger with anger, an explosion will happen. If you fight anger with calmness, the anger will vent off until it evaporates and calms down. If you fight your problems with other problems, you’ll go crazy. But if you fight your problems with potential solutions, you’ll find the optimal solution without fretting.

Whenever you’re lost, confused, mad, angry, unhappy,…just pause! Pause, Reflect and Filter! And remember: Only Positive Vibes Allowed!



Go Unfuck Yourself

Many people use the phrase “Go Fuck Yourself” when they’re pissed at someone.  It just happens to be the only phrase that comes to mind.

It’s part of our dictionary.

But have you ever wondered about using the phrase “Go Unfuck Yourself” for positive intentions?

To me, “Go Unfuck Yourself” means: Be who you were before all the problems and thoughts happened that dimmed your soul! 

So if you’re upset with someone and at the same time you don’t want to hurt them, use this phrase instead.

So, this is to everyone reading this and is buried in their problems and bad thoughts: Go Unfuck Yourselves and Have a Good Day!

My Legacy

I am not afraid of dying but I am afraid of dying without completing my goals in life. 

Everyday I try to learn as much as I can, do as much as possible, have the time of my life, experience good and bad times, meet new people and try new things because I never know when my journey would end. No one knows. It’s a mystery. That’s why today I am trying to form a positive impact on my society, trying to be noticed, trying to be heard, trying to listen, see and meet. When I die, I want people to remember me for who I am today and not the “shy” girl in past. And that’s what I am working on today till the end of my journey. 

In my legacy I will send the message: ” Live the moment! Do what you love and not what you are told or expected to do. Listen to your heart and act wisely. Follow your dreams. You live only once, so make use of it your way! It’s your life not anybody else’s. Dare to be different!” 

That’s all I want to leave behind me… these words. Not money! Because really what does money do to you? Does it make you happy? Does it do anything for “you” and “your heart”? No. It gives you shelter, food, and safety and it is earned by working on what you chose to do. This is happiness: choosing your own life path. This is my legacy!