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Ever since I was a kid, I hated examinations and I hated studying. I loved practicing what I studied and experimenting stuff. I loved participating in projects and competitions. I never enjoyed reading from books and writing it down in exams and tests. I always thought of it this way: ” We are living this life now and we are studying maths and sciences from books. We need the basics, OK I understand. But, how can we apply it to this life? How can we actually, practically make use of it?” I believed that if you can’t apply it to this world, why hypothesize and make theories and make us study them? In hope of finding answers? Well guess what, you will keep trying but you will never really know because there are so much mysteries on earth and even more in the universe.

Don’t get me wrong; I love it when researchers discover something new and I admire their passion to it. But, I just can’t imagine myself doing their job. To me, their job is trying to solve mysteries all their lives. I can’t keep doing that! It would be a nightmare!

I want to live and enjoy the life I am in now. I want to apply the principles and discover new ways by connecting with others. I want to explore the world and enjoy what we have.

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Being Social on Social Media

I used to think it was a waste of time, and I used to feel guilty when I over-use it. I used to get scared when my parents would catch me using it instead of studying.

Now, I don’t give a shit anymore!

I took a social media management course this semester and it entitled that we stay updated on social media as much as we can. Through this course, I learned about my career passion. I am seeking for job as a community manager. I want to spend my day on social media, monitoring performance on social media and creating online value for the company.

Now when my parents catch me on social media, I’ll just tell them I’m either studying or doing my job. I am not wasting time; I’m working!

I feel so powerful right now 😉 

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Money For Fun and Creativeness

Right now, I am obliged to work anything so that I’d pay off my tuition. But if I were to spend my life doing office work just to earn a living, I’d prefer to stay broke! 

I am studying social media, currently. A job in this field in any company, or ad agency is my dream job, simply because I don’t consider it as a job! Rather, I’m having fun 😀 So I’ll earn my living by having fun and being creative. This is a job I’ve always dreamed of but never knew that it was social media; I’ve only considered it as ‘wasting time’ as my parents put it.

When I was in school, I used participate in science projects where I got the chance to experiment with chemicals and create perfumes and inflammable paint. That was my dream job at that time, to experiment with chemicals all day and see what happens. To be creative and have fun! As I grew older, my idea of my dream job changed. Chemistry got more serious and less fun and my new dream job changed to engineering.

Once I entered university, I hated it! And I lied to myself and convinced myself that it will get better once I go deeper into the courses. Plus, I have to live up to my parent’s expectations (It ran in the family). But it didn’t! That’s when I made the most unexpected decision in my life and chose to join the Business School to study Marketing. I fell in love with the course immediately. My dad was not convinced and it was hard to convince him as well because I couldn’t just say that I love it because it’s fun. He wouldn’t understand! The only way was to show him my passion. 

Choosing to work in this field was the most unexpected and best decision I ever made so far! I chose how ‘I’ will live my life and not how ‘they’ planned it! And earning a living that way is all I ask for.