Only Positive Vibes Allowed!


In a world filled with bad things happening, there comes a time where you just need to pause. Pause for a second. Pause for a minute. Pause for an hour. Pause for a day. Just pause and reflect on yourself. Only you; forget everything and everybody else. Reflect on everything that belongs to you: Your thoughts, your feelings, your life path, your career path, your body, your needs, your wants, your desires. Write them down if you feel the need to. You’ll be surprised at how messed up your mind is. You’ll find secret thoughts that have been kept hidden even from your own conscious. You’ll find that those thoughts have been affecting who you are and how you decide and where you are at this moment.

It’s time for you to filter those thoughts down and leave only the positive ones with you. Life is difficult, tough and exhausting enough that you don’t need extra pressure from your own self. The best way to relax, even if for a few seconds, is to bring those positive vibes to your conscious mind and they will gradually help rid your soul of all the negativity.

You’ll find that after filtering your mind, you’ll lead a better, successful, happy life. You’ll be more relaxed. There will still be problems coming in. I mean, at the end of the day, you’re dealing with life. But at least, the problems will be easier to handle when you have the positivity dominating your mind and soul. If you fight anger with anger, an explosion will happen. If you fight anger with calmness, the anger will vent off until it evaporates and calms down. If you fight your problems with other problems, you’ll go crazy. But if you fight your problems with potential solutions, you’ll find the optimal solution without fretting.

Whenever you’re lost, confused, mad, angry, unhappy,…just pause! Pause, Reflect and Filter! And remember: Only Positive Vibes Allowed!



It got to a stage where everything I do is part of a routine.


Wake up late, prepare in a hurry, drink a sip of tea, head out to work, road rage, reach the office, put my stuff on my desk, drink a cup of water followed by a cup of milk sided with cereal. I go to the other offices, chat for half an hour and go back to my desk, open my laptop and start working (and fighting off the distractions).
Lunch break, watch series and then chat with my office mates. Back at my desk, work till shift is over. Rush to my car, road rage, have a small dinner, rest a bit, then head to the gym. Workout for two hours (because I have nothing else to do and plus I want to stay away from night eating). Get home, shower, watch tv with mom, read a bit then go to sleep.


Wake up late. Remember that I have to get some work done, have a late breakfast and watch tv for 1 hour, go to my room, fix and dust it. Then go to the gym, workout for 2 hours then head back, road rage, shower, late lunch, watch tv till there’s nothing, go to my room, read, skype with siblings, then go to sleep.


I feel useless; I’m wasting my energy on nothing… literally, nothing!
It feels easy and good and it’s very addicting!

All I know is … the clock is ticking and I haven’t done anything yet!

Young Souls

You never understand the real meaning of something until it’s too late.

I’m in my twenties now. It’s a stage in life where one should be young, wild, free and living their days like their last.

Instead, I spend my day off wasting time and being lazy. I have a full-time job Monday through Friday. After work, I either head off to the gym or spend happy hours with my co-workers. On weekends, I spend half of the day sleeping and the other half watching series, and reading. My life right now is an easy routine that I can’t get out of.

This is a time where I should be working on myself, taking risks, dating, partying, trying new talents, travelling to a new city alone,….

But the world is getting harder and harder to live in with more obstacles that threaten one’s life and places fear in our parents’ hearts. I guess living with my parents and their rules, and the requirement to take permission to decide is my obstacle. Also, being the only daughter left at home with them leaves them more attached and harder to let go, and the only way out is to leave and live alone abroad.

It’s a period in my life that is worth remembering and is about to disappear very soon.

I’m afraid I’ll leave a little too late and miss out on that part of my life.


Being Used


As long as we are alive, we will have to go through all of Life’s tests.

Life will put you through it, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. My mom warned about those manipulative people and I listened to her, but I didn’t exactly understand what she meant until it happened. And that’s when I learned my lesson and it never happened again.

That’s why they say: you will only learn from your mistakes.

What To Not Expect?

They say the best things happen unexpectedly, and that’s true. But what about scary and mind testing events? Would those events do you more harm?

What if….


One day, you went down for a walk on the beach to relax. Then you spot something in the distance; you walk closer and then your heartbeat races. Someone is covered in blood and lying by the rocks, and the first thing that comes to your mind is that person might have drowned. With a sense of humanity, you rush to check if that person is still alive. He is! You immediately call the emergency.

Now, you’re at the hospital. Do you go in or do you leave? What answers can you give? But they’ll get suspicious if you leave. So what will you do?

What if….

One day, you saw a gang attacking a kid. You’re bad at self defense and unarmed. Your phone is dead and there is no one around. If you go looking for help, the kid will die. You have to decide now; would you risk your life for that kid?

What if….

You are a food caterer and you had two events on the same day. Once the first event began, you realized you mixed up the orders. Would you tell the client about it? Would you hide it? Would you give up? Or would you do anything to make things right again?


There are events in life that test your capabilities and play tricks on your mind. And some require decisions beyond your potential. I’m sure we’ve all been put in these situations and some decisions turned our lives upside down.

No matter how mature you think you are, you’re never mature enough. Life is full of unexpected events that will slap you in the face… hard! By the end of the day, you’ll be wishing it was just dream… a horrible nightmare that will end.

“Ideas are bulletproof!”

V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies because it highlights the importance of freedom and life. It captures a lot of quotes worth considering everyday, and one of them is that “Ideas are bulletproof”.

Ideas are yours only. They can try to kill you, but your ideas remain with you and they can’t be destroyed. They exist and they will always exist. Weak people fear those with ideas and they think that if they destroy the innovatives, the issue will end. But that will never happen no matter how hard you try. Even a bad idea is not destroyed, rather developed further for better and more advanced ideas.

Life Gets Harder

Technological advances are a way and a barrier. Technology today, is part of our daily lifestyle. Not being around technology just seems wrong like something is missing. Better put, we are married to technology more than our partner.

It is true that technology has opened a realm of possibilities and simplified life to find answers within seconds, and to communicate with people from across the globe with zero cost. Yet, this is not enough. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance tech to get results even faster and more precise.

This is great, but….

Technology is making our lives easier in the sense of finding answers with one click or touch. Simultaneously, it is making our lives harder. One of the barriers is finding jobs. Jobs are no longer easy to get. There is a lot of competition in this world and each year it gets more and more challenging. Recruiters are looking for people who think out of the box, who have an innovative mindset, a passionate side, and are unique. We are no longer competing on grades; rather, competing on better ideas. Apple has created something we never imagined could ever exist: A touch screen! Each year, Apple and other  companies are pushing the boundaries further and further making it harder for the new generation to be a unique brand and thus being unemployed.

Another barrier, is that a lot of companies are going out of the market because they no longer can keep up with the fast pace, or they are lacking on resources. One example, is Nokia. They failed to keep up.

Technology is an answer to some and an issue to others.

But we can all agree that life gets harder each second. If you can’t keep up, you’re out of the game!