Humans set rules, fight, kill, create wars, standards, and many complications in life. But for what? More money? More power? Protecting their pride and ego?

Does it really matter?!

If you think about it, we’re just passengers in this universe. Generations have passed by and have gone, and then a new generation is created and the process is repeated. We pass by for a certain period and after that, it’s all over.

I don’t understand why people like to complicate others’ lives and their own. I don’t understand the need to be biased. I don’t understand the reason to hate. We are all the same; we are passengers in time on this planet.

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Live in Moderation

We are greedy and selfish by nature. However, we are gifted with a brain that controls our behavior and emotions. If we use our brain correctly, then we are able to control ourselves of internal needs and external ones. We can control how much we want to consume and how much to give out. We control our will. We strive for moderation to keep the balance and avoid hurting ourselves (and others) because of our greedy nature.

That’s why everybody advises the other to do everything in moderation. It is easier said than done, but possible if we have that will and determination! In life, there is a limit that we can’t go beyond because then we will be destroying ourselves.