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Young Souls

You never understand the real meaning of something until it’s too late.

I’m in my twenties now. It’s a stage in life where one should be young, wild, free and living their days like their last.

Instead, I spend my day off wasting time and being lazy. I have a full-time job Monday through Friday. After work, I either head off to the gym or spend happy hours with my co-workers. On weekends, I spend half of the day sleeping and the other half watching series, and reading. My life right now is an easy routine that I can’t get out of.

This is a time where I should be working on myself, taking risks, dating, partying, trying new talents, travelling to a new city alone,….

But the world is getting harder and harder to live in with more obstacles that threaten one’s life and places fear in our parents’ hearts. I guess living with my parents and their rules, and the requirement to take permission to decide is my obstacle. Also, being the only daughter left at home with them leaves them more attached and harder to let go, and the only way out is to leave and live alone abroad.

It’s a period in my life that is worth remembering and is about to disappear very soon.

I’m afraid I’ll leave a little too late and miss out on that part of my life.


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Why Care?


I always wonder to myself that if I didn’t care too much, I would’ve done a lot and I would’ve been a different person.
As much as caring is considered as act of good, it is also, if overdone, be an act of naivety and insecurity. I’ve realized this … 2 days ago.

Beware, this may get a bit philosophical!

If I didn’t care about what my parents would’ve thought, felt or reacted, I would’ve done it. Yes, I might have done something wrong. But, at least, I carried the consequences and I learned from it.

Please note, I am not talking about extreme cases of stupidity where a person does not understand right from wrong. I am talking about a person, like me, who has reached the stage where they are responsible. I am talking about college stage.


If I didn’t care what others thought about me, I would’ve acted the way I like with confidence.

What I am trying to say is that caring is important to a certain extent where it prevents you from acting foolishly, selfishly and rashly. But, caring too much could cause you the adventure of life: taking risks and being confident and aware. Caring too much could make you insecure and turn you into a person that you don’t want to be.

That’s my case. I lack confidence because I care too much about what others think and what my parent think. I was raised in the environment where I have to watch my every move so that it is parallel with my society. And I hate it! I am not able to live life and explore it to the fullest because of this obstacle.

So, I made a promise to myself. When I graduate, I want to find a job abroad and live independently from my parents because they are the main reason that’s slowing me down from adventuring. I mean, at the end of the day, they are parents and in their eyes we are still kids even if we are 40.
In just 3 months, I will be free and independent and able to make the choices I want without anyone nagging and complaining over my head.

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My Weight Loss Commitment


By writing this down to the public, I will be more committed. I guess that’s the only way I can force myself to continue this process forever. 

I’ve had some ups and downs with my weight loss. I used to take care of my body and food intakes last year. But this year, it has all gone wrong. I don’t want to continue like that anymore. So from now on, I’ll eat less but more. 

How’s that?!
What I mean to say is that I’ll eat smaller portions but I’ll have more than 3 meals per day. I’ll extend it to six meals per day. 

And I’ll eat everything I want, but in smaller portions without prohibiting myself from sweets. 

Also as part of my weight loss program, I’ll do a minimum of 3 days/week sport sessions. I’ll do a bit of cardio and a bit of outdoor running and hiking. 

I will follow this till the end, no matter what. This is my body and I should take great care of it.
Now that I’ve announced it publicly I find that I am obligated to follow it.