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Inner Reflections

The eyes are better reflectors than mirrors. The eyes are part of you. A mirror is external. Whatever is reflected before your eyes deeply affect you.  It could make your eyes tear up and your soul blue. It could make your eyes smile and your soul happy.

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Heavy Eyes

My whole body is shutting down, my eyes slowly closing down. I must fight it; I don’t want to fall asleep, I want to stay awake. I tried to open my eyes, but they’re too heavy. It’s like there are a pair of tea bags over my eyes. I tried to get some inner motivation to get my brain stimulated to help me open my eyes, but I can’t find any. I can’t even carry myself to bed…I’m just too tired.

I always lost the battle in fighting my own sleep; sleep always overcome me.

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Love At First Sight

Love is so hard to define or to justify. It’s love … a feeling. How can you justify a feeling?! It’s only shown.

When I first looked into his eyes my heart beat so fast; I was afraid I’ll have a heart attack. I shied my eyes away from his immediately.

Now I feel nervous when I see him; my face reddens, my heart races, my eyes are lowered, my body stiffens, and my feet are no longer functional! It’s one of the most amazing and embarrassing feeling ever!

Every time I wish I don’t bump into him again so that this scene is not repeated and now he’s disappeared.

Why did I think that?! I miss him. Even though, I don’t know him and have never talked to him but I miss that feeling he created in me.

It’s love at first sight.