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A Kind Stranger

It’s not every day that you see someone who would do a selfless act to help another.

But there is one team, one family that you see every day giving a hand when one needs them. This family has given up its own time to volunteer in saving lives and helping those in need. This family is the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is the family that I dream to be in but I can’t due to some restrictions.  It is a family that I admire for their selfless and huge heart and who are always there when one need them. 

It is a family that build the sense of security in a person. It brings you hope that even in a selfish and greedy world that we live in, there is someone to depend on to be there when you are in need. That even if it is the slightest burn or it is 3 AM, they will be there.  

This family is everyone’s Kind Stranger.

This somebody who is rare to find these days, does actually exist and we see them every day. 

Always donate to the Red Cross and be sure that your donation will help and make difference for all vulnerable people.  This could be your chance to belong this team and help them, even if you really can’t. 

A dollar could always make a change. 

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I Grant You 3 Wishes!

I remember the first time I watched Aladdin when I was kid and Genie appeared and offered Aladdin 3 wishes. I was awed! I said to myself: “I wish I was there; I want 3 wishes! I would have asked for candies for each meal, Pikachu Pokemon card to show it off, and schools to shut down so that I could play all day long!” 

Haha! Now I look back and think to myself: ” Look at what used to worry about. I was free!” 

My life changed a lot, in good and bad ways. But you know what? I’ve grown too and I realized that my worst times where actually my favorite times and they always stuck in my mind. I still remember them and wish I could go back and go to detention, stay after-school and be silly, play pranks on teachers, chew gum and get yelled at, and send notes in the pencil case! These where my BEST days, when they were my WORST at that time. 

And here I am today in university, going through my 3rd stage of my life and feeling like shit. Each day is more demanding and worse than the other and they don’t seem to end! 

If a genie comes out now and says: “Today is your lucky day! I will grant you 3 wishes. Tell me what you want!” I will respond by:” Thanks, but no thanks! I want to live these horrible days. When I am through and pass through my 4th stage of my life, I will look back and think to myself about how lucky I was: Free to skip class and work, meet with friends, participate in fun activities, get drunk, stay out late nights, overnight studying (not fun, but something to laugh about!), begging the teacher to change my grade or asking for help and making as many mistakes as I want and learning from them, getting a driver’s licence and drifting, failing and laughing about it.”

I don’t want to change anything in my life. I am satisfied. I just want to go with the flow and enjoy every moment whether it’s good or bad. 

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Never Back Down

I am extremely happy!! I am soo happy I want to dance all day non-stop. I’m so happy I want to skydive (Ok.. maybe when I get there I’ll chicken out :P).

Do you want to know why I am happy? I’ll tell you even if you don’t want to know, cuz I am happy 😀

I finally reached my goal! Yesterday, I was accepted into the major I ‘ve fought for  a year.

 I got rejected twice. Can you imagine what it was like for me the second time I got rejected?! I was freaking out… it was like this is it, I failed! That’s the end. Even though I had one final chance to make things right, I lost confidence in myself.  I felt like I was worth nothing, I am a nobody and foolish, stupid and brainless person. I felt that if I couldn’t make it through the second attempt, why wouldn’t I fail again?



I hated myself! I thought of suicide as the fastest solution to escape. But deep down, I can’t do it! I can’t hurt an insect; how am I supposed to hurt myself?! I can’t do it! 

My mom told me: “ I don’t care anymore. It’s your fault. It’s your life… you choose what will happen. I am not going to say or tell you anything.”
She was right. I’ve got so far and I am too close. It was simply a 0.6% difference from my goal.

I got lectured by my brother harshly but I needed it. He told me that there is no magic spell, I gotta put everything into it and focus. That was the first motivation I got and what got me pissed off. I hated myself for thinking like that. I AM A SOMEBODY and I should prove it.

So I took this course as my final chance and decided to put everything into it!

But in between all this was a huge lie that I held to myself all along. And if I failed, I’ll have to break the news to my dad. And if I do, I’m going to hurt him very badly. I don’t want that!

I needed more motivation, so I caught my hands on a youtube video  I posted earlier: Motivation Speeches by Great People. There was a part where Rocky Balboa speaks to his son; I felt like he was talking to me. It’s true everything he said was said to me as a reminder  of myself that I refused to confront. As I was growing up, I was smart and perseverant and always curious. But somewhere along the line I got lazy and I started looking for easy things and ran away from difficulty. And when things got hard, I started pointing a finger at my professors that they where not good and that’s why I scored bad. That’s not true. It was all in me! I didn’t work hard, I didn’t push to the limits. I gave in!

So every time I feel like lying around and procrastinating I listened to the video. It reminded me of my old me that got me here and I have to get rid of it and GET UP and WORK!!
I studied day and night and worked during my breaks to pay off 10% off my tuition. I studied everything and made sure I understood it. I left space to practice more. And did sports to get rid of the stress and to revive energy in me.

And I made it! I scored an 85 on the course!! And I got accepted!  I MADE IT!! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF.

Now that I am high above the clouds, I WILL NEVER GO BACK DOWN!  I’ll keep aiming higher. I feel so much better and confident like I own the world. The skies are clear now. I know where I am heading. 

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Before and After Curiosity

Yes I am curious about how a person’s face changes from before.

Why? Well, I have no idea. I just am :/

And once I start I can’t stop. It’s like when you come upon a box of different chocolate pieces, but you plan to taste only one. You love it and then an inner desire or temptation arises to discover what another piece tastes like and so on until … oh crap! The box is empty. Oops! Mom’s gonna kill me :O

So here’s my story. I would be surfing the browser and then come upon a picture of my cousin that I haven’t seen since … well, a decade !! And  boy has he changed!! Then comes a picture of him with his younger brother that I havent seen in a decade as well. I didn’t even recognize him! Then a friend texts me whom I haven’t talked or seen in years, so I get curious to know what happened to her and so on. But it doesn’t stop with the people I care about or were part of my life, also I am curious how celebrities have changed since I last saw them on TV.

But I don’t judge.. I keep my opinions to myself.

When my curiosity is satisfied, I stop and go looking after my life.

Yes, I know. I am very creepy.  But I don’t know. I like spotting changes in people’s faces. I love to know how they change in time  and for what reason.