Unreachable and Uncontrollable

There is something magnetizing about the unreachable and the uncontrollable.

I know I can’t control how things ended to be and I know I have to accept it and yet, I still think about it. These sneaky thoughts are partly satisfying and partly hurtful. It’s satisfying because I am holding onto the good memories that make my soul smile. Then reality knocks on the doors of my brain and daydreaming ends. This is where it hurts the most; it doesn’t exist anymore.


Tape it

It has been almost two years since I’ve tried to control my food cravings at night and to consistently exercise. The good news is that the latter is accomplished up to this date. The bad news is that some days I get weak and surrender to my temptations. The funny part is that I know I will regret it and yet, I continue with the act.

Personally, I can’t commit to a diet. It’s like taking away a piece of my freedom. I eat whatever I want as long as I don’t eat at night. Nighttime eating is my enemy and it’s when all the silent cravings awaken, sadly.

I am not trying to get a hot summer bod only but all year long.

Imagine we can eat whatever we want, snack up at any time, be it nighttime or daytime and none of that affects our health. Don’t you think the world would be a better place?! I think it would be paradise 😛

Loop of Thoughts

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As an overthinker, it’s hard to let go. Thoughts that should be thought about only once, keep coming back in an endless loop in my mind. Thoughts that are not worth thinking about are the most played in my brain. Not only is it mentally exhausting, but it also brings my spirit down. At one moment, I am happy and busy with work or a hobby. At another moment, I am free and thinking happens. I end up wasting my positive energy on the wrong thoughts. Questions about why and what if, memories of touch and emotions, people I’ve met once or twice. These are the highlights of my loop of thoughts.

I am trying to get a consistent hobby to get rid of my overthinking habit, but there’s always those few free minutes that slip by and the thinking begins again. Before I know it, I’ve been distracted for over an hour on the past and over.