We all deserve clarity and it’s your right to ask for it. It’s just how the other party responds that matters, not what the final answer is.

Today, I demanded clarity. My mind needed it to be in peace. I am an honest person and I can’t let go of loose endings as if nothing has happened.

This person responded. He was defensive and tried to play innocent. Instead of holding responsibility and apologizing for his actions, he turned the blame on me.

Of course, I didn’t let him win! I’m right and I am not afraid to stand up for myself. I fought back and reminded him of his mistake. So, he thought he’d shut me up with a childish gesture.

Surprisingly, I am happy this happened because I was able to see who he really was behind the mask. If he can’t take responsibility or at least apologize for the smallest mistake, how would he react to more serious mistakes? Definitely, blame it on me and escape!

I finally learned that he was just another wrong guy who walked into my life and, thankfully, I’m over him completely.


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