Human Heritage

What makes us human and different from all other species is our desire to know more and advance our lives. We have a wide imagination. We have a wide space in our brains for knowledge. We are curious creatures; we want to answer the unknown. It’s our living tradition. Image credits:  


We all deserve clarity and it’s your right to ask for it. It’s just how the other party responds that matters, not what the final answer is. Today, I demanded clarity. My mind needed it to be in peace. I am an honest person and I can’t let go of loose endings as if nothing has…

Inner Reflections

The eyes are better reflectors than mirrors. The eyes are part of you. A mirror is external. Whatever is reflected before your eyes deeply affect you.  It could make your eyes tear up and your soul blue. It could make your eyes smile and your soul happy. Image source:    

Pursue A Dead-End

I knew it was a dead-end from the second week. I was bored. My instincts told me so. One of my close friends sent me a warning. But, I didn’t want to give up just yet. I waited a week and another. Nothing has changed; same old same old. Just now, I made my final…

Dishonest Intentions

I am usually an extremely caring, generous, understanding person. But, things will get ugly if I suspect the other party is using me to their advantage in a sneaky way. I can’t describe to which extent my thoughts would reach to. I feel something is boiling inside of me and I am about to explode…