It got to a stage where everything I do is part of a routine. Weekdays: Wake up late, prepare in a hurry, drink a sip of tea, head out to work, road rage, reach the office, put my stuff on my desk, drink a cup of water followed by a cup of milk sided with cereal….


She couldn’t take it anymore! She packed her things in a school bag and got into her 1965 Blue Ford Thunderbird. She turned on the engine and turned up the volume to The Beach Boys. She pulled to Drive and drove away. I’ve always wanted to drive away to a new place I’ve never been…

Young Souls

You never understand the real meaning of something until it’s too late. I’m in my twenties now. It’s a stage in life where one should be young, wild, free and living their days like their last. Instead, I spend my day off wasting time and being lazy. I have a full-time job Monday through Friday….