The Quest to Know Yourself

Yesterday, I watched a movie called “The Double”. It struck me from the beginning; a very odd movie yet highly capturing. When I reached the end, I noticed that the plot is very similar to that of the Fight Club. James Simon is just the opposite of Simon James, literally. Throughout the movie, you see Simon (the original character) wants to be like James and wishes he could. He feels like a Pinnochio, a boy held by a string, which is what killed him from the inside.

It confused me at the beginning, I thought James existed but then after correalating with the Fight club I saw that the movie is shot through Simon’s mind. James only existed in Simon’s mind; he never actually existed. I like movies that confuse the viewer so as to trigger you to think farther. The end would be unknown and you have to figure out what happened. It’s like a puzzle.

Anyways, so those two movies I’ve seen where simply about who you want to be versus who you are right now. It’s about defining yourself. Everyone asks this question: describe yourself. And you stop to ponder whether you should approach it from aspiring point of view or the actual you. As simple as it seems, when you stop to think about it, you’re lost.

I learned today that graduating from college is only the beginning. Graduating doesn’t form you as the person you want to be, it’s still too soon for this. You need to get out there and see what the real world feels like, and discover what you hate and love, face your ups and downs and pass through several phases to know who you are.

So in short, it takes years and years to know what you REALLY want and to DEFINE yourself.