Laughter gives you reason to hope. Tears give you reason to fight.


Life Gets Harder

Technological advances are a way and a barrier. Technology today, is part of our daily lifestyle. Not being around technology just seems wrong like something is missing. Better put, we are married to technology more than our partner.

It is true that technology has opened a realm of possibilities and simplified life to find answers within seconds, and to communicate with people from across the globe with zero cost. Yet, this is not enough. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance tech to get results even faster and more precise.

This is great, but….

Technology is making our lives easier in the sense of finding answers with one click or touch. Simultaneously, it is making our lives harder. One of the barriers is finding jobs. Jobs are no longer easy to get. There is a lot of competition in this world and each year it gets more and more challenging. Recruiters are looking for people who think out of the box, who have an innovative mindset, a passionate side, and are unique. We are no longer competing on grades; rather, competing on better ideas. Apple has created something we never imagined could ever exist: A touch screen! Each year, Apple and other  companies are pushing the boundaries further and further making it harder for the new generation to be a unique brand and thus being unemployed.

Another barrier, is that a lot of companies are going out of the market because they no longer can keep up with the fast pace, or they are lacking on resources. One example, is Nokia. They failed to keep up.

Technology is an answer to some and an issue to others.

But we can all agree that life gets harder each second. If you can’t keep up, you’re out of the game!

Feeling Afraid Is A Way

Usually people picture feeling afraid as holding them back. And this is true. When you’re afraid, you avoid going for things because it creates an uncomfortable feeling inside of you. We always tend to lean to the easy and comfortable feelings because it makes our life easier.

But have you ever considered feeling afraid as a way to get you to do things you avoided and making you feel much better than you already did. Feeling afraid creates motivation and aspiration. Feeling afraid all time makes me fed up and motivates me to fight this fear. I always search for ways to overcome my fears and feel uncomfortable for the hope of feeling much better afterwards. Feeling afraid increases my self-confidence.

It’s OK to be afraid; it’s normal, but hiding those fears and running away from them is not OK. Facing fear gets you to whole different level you never knew existed.