Erupting Emotions

We act on emotions. Sometimes it is the right thing to do, but at other times, it can hurt us and the other person involved.

Sometimes we judge too quickly without thinking about the consequences or how it will affect the other personally. Our emotions cloud over our mind and prevent us from seeing things clearly. Our mind then no longer has the ability or tolerance to calm down and see how the other person percieves his/her choices.

Sometimes judging too quickly could awaken and raise awareness to the other. Our emotions erupt and we say things we refuse to say when conscious and the other person feels pressured and embarrassed.

This is good when that person is doing something illegal, and ethically wrong. However, that doesn’t mean that our emotions should create a block and prevent us from listening to what the other person has to say. What if the child is neglected by the parents? What if someone was bullied? What if someone was in a state of depression?

Don’t let your emotions erupt immediately. Give it time to erupt in the right time, when things get out of control. But before that, just listen! Maybe there is something happening to them that they were ashamed to share? What if they are afraid you’d disapprove?


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