Schools Need To Change

After watching this YouTube video, my eyes opened up. I was living in an illusion that my school was the best in my country based on its reputation. Although, this may be true for others, yet this is wrong! My school was a waste of time. It spoonfed us the material and we spat it out in the examination. We never had the chance to go out and see how it works in the real world. We were rarely taken on trips. They used to pressure us with examinations and quizzes so as not to “waste” time on other social activities we enjoyed doing.

I remember my friend’s mother complained to the administration how this school lacks social activities. And their reply was, shockingly, that this school is only for education and social activities should be performed outside the school campus.

Dear Schools,

If you keep following this system, you are killing the students and boring the hell out of them. Give them the chance to stand out and do the things they love. Show them how the material they study applies in the real world. Take them off campus and let them see with their own eyes. Open their eyes! Don’t kill their creativity if it is not in the school’s curriculum.


A regretting school student.


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