Research, Books, Research

Ever since I was a kid, I hated examinations and I hated studying. I loved practicing what I studied and experimenting stuff. I loved participating in projects and competitions. I never enjoyed reading from books and writing it down in exams and tests. I always thought of it this way: ” We are living this life now and we are studying maths and sciences from books. We need the basics, OK I understand. But, how can we apply it to this life? How can we actually, practically make use of it?” I believed that if you can’t apply it to this world, why hypothesize and make theories and make us study them? In hope of finding answers? Well guess what, you will keep trying but you will never really know because there are so much mysteries on earth and even more in the universe.

Don’t get me wrong; I love it when researchers discover something new and I admire their passion to it. But, I just can’t imagine myself doing their job. To me, their job is trying to solve mysteries all their lives. I can’t keep doing that! It would be a nightmare!

I want to live and enjoy the life I am in now. I want to apply the principles and discover new ways by connecting with others. I want to explore the world and enjoy what we have.


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