Erupting Emotions

We act on emotions. Sometimes it is the right thing to do, but at other times, it can hurt us and the other person involved.

Sometimes we judge too quickly without thinking about the consequences or how it will affect the other personally. Our emotions cloud over our mind and prevent us from seeing things clearly. Our mind then no longer has the ability or tolerance to calm down and see how the other person percieves his/her choices.

Sometimes judging too quickly could awaken and raise awareness to the other. Our emotions erupt and we say things we refuse to say when conscious and the other person feels pressured and embarrassed.

This is good when that person is doing something illegal, and ethically wrong. However, that doesn’t mean that our emotions should create a block and prevent us from listening to what the other person has to say. What if the child is neglected by the parents? What if someone was bullied? What if someone was in a state of depression?

Don’t let your emotions erupt immediately. Give it time to erupt in the right time, when things get out of control. But before that, just listen! Maybe there is something happening to them that they were ashamed to share? What if they are afraid you’d disapprove?


Schools Need To Change

After watching this YouTube video, my eyes opened up. I was living in an illusion that my school was the best in my country based on its reputation. Although, this may be true for others, yet this is wrong! My school was a waste of time. It spoonfed us the material and we spat it out in the examination. We never had the chance to go out and see how it works in the real world. We were rarely taken on trips. They used to pressure us with examinations and quizzes so as not to “waste” time on other social activities we enjoyed doing.

I remember my friend’s mother complained to the administration how this school lacks social activities. And their reply was, shockingly, that this school is only for education and social activities should be performed outside the school campus.

Dear Schools,

If you keep following this system, you are killing the students and boring the hell out of them. Give them the chance to stand out and do the things they love. Show them how the material they study applies in the real world. Take them off campus and let them see with their own eyes. Open their eyes! Don’t kill their creativity if it is not in the school’s curriculum.


A regretting school student.

Live in Moderation

We are greedy and selfish by nature. However, we are gifted with a brain that controls our behavior and emotions. If we use our brain correctly, then we are able to control ourselves of internal needs and external ones. We can control how much we want to consume and how much to give out. We control our will. We strive for moderation to keep the balance and avoid hurting ourselves (and others) because of our greedy nature.

That’s why everybody advises the other to do everything in moderation. It is easier said than done, but possible if we have that will and determination! In life, there is a limit that we can’t go beyond because then we will be destroying ourselves.

The End Of Sundays

When someone asks you: “What’s the least favorite day of the week?” The usual answers are either Mondays or Wednesdays.

But my answer is the end of Sundays. I love the beginning of Sundays. I wake up in the morning with a cup of hot coffee and a bowl of cheerios and sit on the window edge enjoying the calm morning. It’s beautiful. Sunday is usually the day-off for me. It is my day to relax and cool down from a hectic week. Then I turn on the TV and watch something nice, get up and head to the gym. Then come back, shower and do anything that comes to mind.

The main reason I hate Sundays is because the smooth beginning ends so quickly. Time flies so fast, as if it is eager for this day to end and looking forward for another hectic, work day!It’s frustrating! When the end of a Sunday arrives, I begin anticipating and planning out my week and there is so much on my agenda. I hate this!

I just wish every morning was a Sunday morning,

Maybe then, I would love the ending of a Sunday 🙂

Research, Books, Research

Ever since I was a kid, I hated examinations and I hated studying. I loved practicing what I studied and experimenting stuff. I loved participating in projects and competitions. I never enjoyed reading from books and writing it down in exams and tests. I always thought of it this way: ” We are living this life now and we are studying maths and sciences from books. We need the basics, OK I understand. But, how can we apply it to this life? How can we actually, practically make use of it?” I believed that if you can’t apply it to this world, why hypothesize and make theories and make us study them? In hope of finding answers? Well guess what, you will keep trying but you will never really know because there are so much mysteries on earth and even more in the universe.

Don’t get me wrong; I love it when researchers discover something new and I admire their passion to it. But, I just can’t imagine myself doing their job. To me, their job is trying to solve mysteries all their lives. I can’t keep doing that! It would be a nightmare!

I want to live and enjoy the life I am in now. I want to apply the principles and discover new ways by connecting with others. I want to explore the world and enjoy what we have.