Why Care?


I always wonder to myself that if I didn’t care too much, I would’ve done a lot and I would’ve been a different person.
As much as caring is considered as act of good, it is also, if overdone, be an act of naivety and insecurity. I’ve realized this … 2 days ago.

Beware, this may get a bit philosophical!

If I didn’t care about what my parents would’ve thought, felt or reacted, I would’ve done it. Yes, I might have done something wrong. But, at least, I carried the consequences and I learned from it.

Please note, I am not talking about extreme cases of stupidity where a person does not understand right from wrong. I am talking about a person, like me, who has reached the stage where they are responsible. I am talking about college stage.


If I didn’t care what others thought about me, I would’ve acted the way I like with confidence.

What I am trying to say is that caring is important to a certain extent where it prevents you from acting foolishly, selfishly and rashly. But, caring too much could cause you the adventure of life: taking risks and being confident and aware. Caring too much could make you insecure and turn you into a person that you don’t want to be.

That’s my case. I lack confidence because I care too much about what others think and what my parent think. I was raised in the environment where I have to watch my every move so that it is parallel with my society. And I hate it! I am not able to live life and explore it to the fullest because of this obstacle.

So, I made a promise to myself. When I graduate, I want to find a job abroad and live independently from my parents because they are the main reason that’s slowing me down from adventuring. I mean, at the end of the day, they are parents and in their eyes we are still kids even if we are 40.
In just 3 months, I will be free and independent and able to make the choices I want without anyone nagging and complaining over my head.