I Just Turned …

This prompt couldn’t have been timed better. It happens that today is my birthday. I turned 21.

I think age is just a number and really means nothing. So what if I turned 21? Does that mean I have to change? Does that mean that I am an adult now? How can age, a number, define you and your actions?

It can’t!

And what annoys me more is those ladies that get mad if someone discloses their age! Come on, are you kidding me?! So you’re 55, oops, sorry did I say that out loud?

So what? Does this number make these ladies feel old? It shouldn’t because it is up to one’s mind to decide how they feel. We control ourselves and we control our feelings. Why should we give up to society’s silly stereotypes? Why should you care what people say?

It’s YOUR life! Stop worrying about others, and start worrying about yourself. Because if you are one of these ladies that freak out when people shout out a number, then you’re crazy!





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