Take a risk!

Why go for easy? The result is known and expected. There are no surprises, no shocks, no excitement! 

Try something new every week; something you would never do. Take that risk and don’t think twice. It OK to be adventurous once in a while, to spice up your life and make it worth living! 


I Just Turned …

This prompt couldn’t have been timed better. It happens that today is my birthday. I turned 21.

I think age is just a number and really means nothing. So what if I turned 21? Does that mean I have to change? Does that mean that I am an adult now? How can age, a number, define you and your actions?

It can’t!

And what annoys me more is those ladies that get mad if someone discloses their age! Come on, are you kidding me?! So you’re 55, oops, sorry did I say that out loud?

So what? Does this number make these ladies feel old? It shouldn’t because it is up to one’s mind to decide how they feel. We control ourselves and we control our feelings. Why should we give up to society’s silly stereotypes? Why should you care what people say?

It’s YOUR life! Stop worrying about others, and start worrying about yourself. Because if you are one of these ladies that freak out when people shout out a number, then you’re crazy!



Heavy Eyes

My whole body is shutting down, my eyes slowly closing down. I must fight it; I don’t want to fall asleep, I want to stay awake. I tried to open my eyes, but they’re too heavy. It’s like there are a pair of tea bags over my eyes. I tried to get some inner motivation to get my brain stimulated to help me open my eyes, but I can’t find any. I can’t even carry myself to bed…I’m just too tired.

I always lost the battle in fighting my own sleep; sleep always overcome me.

30 Minutes Or More of Laughter

Three years have passed but this memory, in particular, has never left my mind. I remember this “special” day very clearly. I remember it hurt so much but felt so good at the same time. I had the best 30 minutes or more of my life with my best friend.

We were in Philosophy class in our senior year in high school and we were sitting next to each other. I remember we were so bored because we had to sit for one hour to revise the material for next week’s exam. It was a stupid assignment because it was memorizing and I knew very well that if I memorize the material now, I will forget them after the class is over. It was such a meaningless class session. So my friend got bored and decided to ask the teacher a “philosophical” question.

And something weird happens to me… A small burst of laughter gets out and the teacher shoots me an angry look so I held it in (but not for too long). After the teacher left, I let out a few giggles. My friend gave me a “what-is-wrong-with-you” look and starts giggling along.

I giggle harder and harder until bursts of laughter are released. We were both laughing so hard, tears rushing down our cheeks, our abdomen aching and our mouths exhausted from intense laughter and effort to make it stop.

We have completely lost it that we took no notice of our whereabouts and that the whole class was silent and staring at us. When we looked up, we were about to cool it off until the teacher said: “When you are done laughing, maybe you could share what was it that you were laughing at.” And then that was when we laughed the hardest; my whole body was shaking with laughter.

After 30 minutes or more, my friend tells me that we have to stop and that we pushed the line. It was hard to stop. I tried but short bursts kept coming out until I cooled down gradually.

After class, we continued what was left from our beautiful and aching moment and started wondering what we were laughing at. I started it but I had no idea why; it just came out.

My friend and I laughed for 30 minutes or more on nothing; just boredom laughter!