Ma Idole Célébrité

…. is Kate Hudson.


I loved this actress while watching the movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. She was funny, witty, passionate, loving, adorable, crazy, capturing and petite. And up till now, I never grew tired of this movie; and I kept wanting to be more like her (not in looks of course, in personality).



And somehow her face looked too familiar. She looked just like another actress I’ve considered a great actress and that was her mother Goldie.




I loved Kate Hudson’s sense of humor and her passionate side which were evident in her movies that I’ve loved all together. I would be really get excited to see one of her movies even if I’ve watched them for more than 20 times. She just brings life and happiness to the movie and brightens my day.

It doesn’t end here. She not only inspired me through her movies but  also inspired me in real life. She’s got great style in fashion and beauty that fits my choices. She extends her stylish talent for healthy causes when she has designed a sportswear line to stay fit for Fabletics.


She also shows her great love and strong relationship for her mother. She is also a mother herself. She inspires family bonds!

She stays natural and real.

I would love that she stays the way she is and never changes because she has inspired me in so many ways and up till now I still look up to her. She’s my celebrity idol!

Who is yours?


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