Scary Unreal Community

Everywhere I go, I see fakeness. One with a blown up mouth, another with a distorted face, another with scary eyes and another with drawn eyebrows! Why is everybody looking like everybody else? Why is everyone looking like a scary doll? What’s with the plastic surgery trends these days?

I understand sometimes a nose might look wrong and needs fixing. I agree with this but why should you do it more than once?!! Are you attempting to  shrink your nose away?? What I’m trying to say is that the more plastic surgery a person undergoes, the scarier they’ll be! At least it scares the hell out of me!

Stay the way you are, no surgery or makeup will make you prettier from the outside if you don’t acknowledge it from the inside. Why do you need to go through a whole lot of pain to know it?

And on another note, plastic does not mean perfect! Surgeries are never 100% right; sometimes they make you look like a monster after multiple times.

Today I am living in a scary, unreal community that needs to end because it is making everyone look fake!  


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