Bad Gossip Never Dies







I’ve noticed that a lot; people prefer to keep talking about the bad that others have done more than the good. I guess it’s true when my parents used to warn me to think WELL before I act ‘cuz otherwise it will haunt me forever!

But why can’t they just let go? Why can’t they forgive? I mean, we all make mistakes and we all are sometimes governed by our emotions and act spontaneously. It’s not like anybody is better than anyone else. At the end of the day, we are all humans that err.             

I think it is a psychological thing. I think that having people making worse mistakes than their own makes them feel better about themselves. But do they have to ruin other peoples’ lives to be self-satisfied?

Now, there’s a good side of bad gossip and that is raising awareness like issues of rape or domestic violence or invading privacy. If a girl wants to be married to a guy who had previous records of domestic violence, then she would have to reconsider. Or some people might think that where they live is a safe place where raping and issues of the like do not exist; this will open their eyes.

I think that as long as there is a greater good coming out of a “Bad Gossip” then there is no harm. But once you meddle with people’s personal lives (such as divorce, parent-child issue,..) then this gotta stop because it will end up with a worse rumor.  As I said the bigger the mistake the happier they’ll be!


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