The Comma User

I discovered my disease in middle school. We had to write an essay about a weird visit to the dentist’s office; and our teacher decided to read his top favorites (i.e. with the most errors). My essay was second on his list! He read each sentence and would stop for a few seconds wherever there’s a comma (which was around 20 times per small paragraph). He said that I had good content there, but I used commas excessively. 

That was when I realized that I just can’t write a sentence without putting at least a comma in it. It just felt wrong! I knew I needed to fix this soon since I was penalized for it in my examinations and this disease was getting me low grades. 😦

Apparently, I have been cured. I have written 2 sentences in the previous paragraph with no commas, and the commas are spread logically. How did I cure myself from this problem? I have no idea! It just happened. Am I doing it right? I don’t know! Hahaha! I think I reduced the amount of commas used not through a learned lesson, rather through what felt right. 

I can now proudly say: I am no longer “The Comma User“! 


Tears for a Screen

I am a very sensitive person; I am easily touched. The slightest emotional scene gets me going.

I try to avoid watching movies or series with sad scenes. Searching for such movies or series does not exist, because even in a horror movie there are sad scenes that make you tear. Even though movies or series are an exaggeration of realities in life, they still depict life and life without emotion is not a life.

I do feel a slight embarrassment when watching with others when I let my tears go down for a screen. I know this is not a real situation; it is an act. Also, I am not there with them; I am sitting on the couch watching. Yet, the reason movies or series are successful is because they entrap you into it.

Woman crying at the movies

What is Red?


The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “red” is color. Red is one of the colors of the rainbow, the color of an apple, the color of blood, the color of some objects, the color of red nail polish, the color of rouge lipstick, the color of cherry, the color of strawberry, the color of tomato and the color of the heart. “Red” colors a lot of things but only one stands out the most: The Heart. We talk almost every day about factors that affect the heart, from heart diseases to cardio exercises to love that make the heart go crazy. The heart needs a lot of care from our side since it brings us to life; without a heart we can’t exist. We need to keep it pumping by daily exercise, by eating the right food, and by being alive with emotions. But we need to watch out not to overdo it so that we don’t hurt it; everything in moderation is good.

We see the color of red celebrated in events such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Christmas is filled with happiness, laughter, tears and unity. Valentine’s Day is filled with love and affection. Both days affect the heart in a good and bad way, depending on the situation and how much the person himself could endure. A sudden break up on Valentine’s Day would make your heart pump faster than it should due to shock and one must be aware of this as it may cause a stroke. Laughing too hard on Christmas would tire the heart, and it is important to give it a break from time to time since our heart is a multi-tasker. I know they say it’s better to follow your logic before your heart, but sometimes you need to listen to your heart to know what is best for you. The heart’s purpose is to keep you alive.

I started with questioning the word “red”, it got answered by color and ended up talking about the heart. Some things we take for granted and forget their real meaning to us. It is only when you let yourself go with the conversation without deeply thinking about it and the real definition slips out and the talk ends with it.

So my answer to my question is: Red is the heart.

645px-Love_Heart_SVG.svg       Heart

Of course, this is only my side of the answer. Red is different for everyone.

What is your Red?

Pizza Snugglers

We all love pizza and sometimes we dream about it. Well, how would you like to dream “inside” a pizza, literally?! 

” A mock-up bed adorned with a pepperoni duvet, sauce sheets and crust pillows has the Internet drooling, and it’s designed by Brooklyn-based artist Claire Manganiello.” – Mashable


Do you know when have an opportunity right in front of you and all you have to do is take it? Do you know when everything is going perfect for you but the timing is just so wrong? Do you know when you mess up this ‘perfect’ situation because your mind is going insane, because you just can’t deal with it right now, because there are other not-as-important-as-this that you need to deal with because your heart can’t take it anymore?

I’ve been there! And I’ve missed so many opportunities that I would’ve gained so easily and without any hardship. My heart and my mind were somewhere else; I was distracted.