The Comma User

I discovered my disease in middle school. We had to write an essay about a weird visit to the dentist’s office; and our teacher decided to read his top favorites (i.e. with the most errors). My essay was second on his list! He read each sentence and would stop for a few seconds wherever there’s…

Tears for a Screen

I am a very sensitive person; I am easily touched. The slightest emotional scene gets me going. I try to avoid watching movies or series with sad scenes. Searching for such movies or series does not exist, because even in a horror movie there are sad scenes that make you tear. Even though movies or…

What is Red?

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “red” is color. Red is one of the colors of the rainbow, the color of an apple, the color of blood, the color of some objects, the color of red nail polish, the color of rouge lipstick, the color of cherry, the color of strawberry,…

Fashion Friday

It’s Prom and you’re looking for a summer, special dress. You don’t want it too long or too short? Check out Nina Dobrev’s light blue dantel lace dress with matching silver strap heels and silver metal belt! Very pretty and simple style!

Pizza Snugglers

Pizza Snugglers We all love pizza and sometimes we dream about it. Well, how would you like to dream “inside” a pizza, literally?!  ” A mock-up bed adorned with a pepperoni duvet, sauce sheets and crust pillows has the Internet drooling, and it’s designed by Brooklyn-based artist Claire Manganiello.” – Mashable

Love: Not about…

Love: Not about finding the perfect person, but to see an imperfect person perfectly.


Do you know when have an opportunity right in front of you and all you have to do is take it? Do you know when everything is going perfect for you but the timing is just so wrong? Do you know when you mess up this ‘perfect’ situation because your mind is going insane, because…

A Sunday Post

Here’s to starting fresh next week by putting on a smile even if it’s Monday!

Ma Idole Célébrité

…. is Kate Hudson. I loved this actress while watching the movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. She was funny, witty, passionate, loving, adorable, crazy, capturing and petite. And up till now, I never grew tired of this movie; and I kept wanting to be more like her (not in looks of…

Jimmy Fallon’s Beer Pong Games

This special World Cup with giant duff beer pong games just cracked me up! Poor Jimmy if he hadn’t slapped Pitbull’s ball he wouldn’t have lost. But that was the best part! Hahah! Thought I’d share it and make you laugh as well!