Parents are ironic in themselves in so many ways that I can’t name them all. But there is one that I have recently discovered that pisses me off.

It is that time when you don’t need or need them. I have discovered that they interfere in situations that I could handle alone and they disappear in situations when I desperately need them. I have noticed this in my mom a lot.

For example, when I am talking to a group of people and they start asking me questions about my life and my interests, my mom always butts in. When they move on to another subject that is more general and more related to the family, I find my mom talking to someone else or quiet! And I am there stuttering, confused, not knowing how to approach such a question and desperately hoping something interrupts us.

I love my parents a lot, but there are some things they do that angers me. I hope I don’t end up as ironic as they are 😛 



  1. You learn a lot from your parents, and as a mother myself I try my best to not repeat the same mistakes they did. However, sometimes you will. It’s part of being around someone for so long you end up mirroring them.

    I catch myself and change my course, but also you will find when you get older that they weren’t as ironic as you think. Trust me, I’ve been there too.

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