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Parents are ironic in themselves in so many ways that I can’t name them all. But there is one that I have recently discovered that pisses me off.

It is that time when you don’t need or need them. I have discovered that they interfere in situations that I could handle alone and they disappear in situations when I desperately need them. I have noticed this in my mom a lot.

For example, when I am talking to a group of people and they start asking me questions about my life and my interests, my mom always butts in. When they move on to another subject that is more general and more related to the family, I find my mom talking to someone else or quiet! And I am there stuttering, confused, not knowing how to approach such a question and desperately hoping something interrupts us.

I love my parents a lot, but there are some things they do that angers me. I hope I don’t end up as ironic as they are 😛 

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A Kind Stranger

It’s not every day that you see someone who would do a selfless act to help another.

But there is one team, one family that you see every day giving a hand when one needs them. This family has given up its own time to volunteer in saving lives and helping those in need. This family is the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is the family that I dream to be in but I can’t due to some restrictions.  It is a family that I admire for their selfless and huge heart and who are always there when one need them. 

It is a family that build the sense of security in a person. It brings you hope that even in a selfish and greedy world that we live in, there is someone to depend on to be there when you are in need. That even if it is the slightest burn or it is 3 AM, they will be there.  

This family is everyone’s Kind Stranger.

This somebody who is rare to find these days, does actually exist and we see them every day. 

Always donate to the Red Cross and be sure that your donation will help and make difference for all vulnerable people.  This could be your chance to belong this team and help them, even if you really can’t. 

A dollar could always make a change. 

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Being Social on Social Media

I used to think it was a waste of time, and I used to feel guilty when I over-use it. I used to get scared when my parents would catch me using it instead of studying.

Now, I don’t give a shit anymore!

I took a social media management course this semester and it entitled that we stay updated on social media as much as we can. Through this course, I learned about my career passion. I am seeking for job as a community manager. I want to spend my day on social media, monitoring performance on social media and creating online value for the company.

Now when my parents catch me on social media, I’ll just tell them I’m either studying or doing my job. I am not wasting time; I’m working!

I feel so powerful right now 😉