Detect, Capture and Take it!

I always come upon chances, but there are only a few of them and it would be a shame if I forget about them.


There are a few chances that I ignored because I was either too busy or too lazy to do them and ended up regretting it. But there was this one chance that I decided to forget about it because I didn’t have time but then I took it before it was gone.

A competition from L’Oreal was announced. It was made especially for marketing majors students (like me). I knew this would take a lot of time, because it required a lot of commitment and dedication. I mean we had to develop a product and run it! In the middle of the semester and in the heat of the examinations and midterms, we had to give some of our time to it. So, at first, I told my friend that we can’t do it… just ignore it. But then our teacher in class mentioned it and she was extremely motivational. She said that you are marketing students, and that is exactly what you’ll be working in the future and that is what companies look up to when they hire. Even if we didn’t win, the fact alone that we participated and tried will look fabulous on a CV. So, I immediately talked to my friend and told him that we have to participate before it’s too late. And we did.


It was an amazing experience. First, there were campus finals and we worked our best for it and we passed! They picked 6 out of 25 teams and we were one of the six. I felt good and confident and very motivated and competitive to go on to the next round which was the Nationals. In the Nationals, we had to present our product and build a digital strategy to build awareness and create engagement. We were there that evening, and on that same day I had a very important concentration midterm right before the Nationals. But it was definitely worth it! I mean I had the chance to stand in front of Kiehl’s representative, 2 HR managers, marketing manager and other managers in L’Oreal to show them our hard work! And even though we weren’t the chosen team for international finals, yet it was still a wonderful learning experience better than any course or book I have studied.

It’s an opportunity that would have definitely haunted me, if I didn’t take it. It’s a chance for future job opportunities at well-known companies and L’Oreal. And it’s an achievement to look up to! 


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