That Song, That Word, That Guy, That Thing … What is it?!

Do you know that feeling when you have something to say to someone and suddenly it disappears? You just become obsessed, standing in your place and waiting for that idea to come back. It’s like it has paralyzed you until you know what it is!

Yeah well I hate it and I have experienced it in so many forms.

1) What’s that song??!!


I know the beat in my head, but when I attempt to sing it out loud, it sounds completely off tune! I don’t know the lyrics, or the artist … just that beat keeps playing in my head. Ugghhh! It drives me crazy… all I can think of is finding out what that song is!

2) When you have an essay exam and you get stuck on that word… hehehe! I just stop there and wait for that word to show up. I can’t continue my exam without that word and even if I still have only 10 mins and I am not half-way through my essay. I just can’t focus anymore; that word has taken all my attention, what is it??!!

Image (that’s me! ;P)

3) When someone asks you about someone you’ve known for a long time but for some reason his name disappeared from your memory at that time. Why now? It’s like what they say these days: ” when you’re looking for something, you don’t find it. When you’re not looking for it, it’s right there.” I get so hooked up, my thoughts are fixed on remembering that person’s name.


4) When I wanted to do something a few seconds ago and just forgot. And try to get my attention now 😛 I can’t! That usually happens when it is a very very very essential thing or idea. Ha!


I try several times to do something else, but I never succeed. I have to know!

I feel like an addictive, obsessed freak; it is a very annoying feeling and so terrible that it exhausts my mind and my soul completely. 



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