Friendship Ain’t Easy!

I’ve had difficulties since I was a kid in finding the right kind of friends. It’s not easy. I’ve befriended a lot, and it took me until grade 5 to find those friends: my crazy gang! These are my closest friends!


Making friends in school is very hard. You get bullied, picked on, laughed at, pranked,… And everyone would be seeking popularity. At one point they’re your friends but when something bad happens to you, they abandon you. It was hard to find true friends that stand with you and support you no matter what. The good thing about school friends is that they stick with you forever, you hang out with them all the time, do sleepovers, …

But in college, making friends is so much easier. You are open to many strangers that come from different places not only in the country you’re in. And it’s easier, where we would have grown and no longer judge as much as we did in school. In college, you are not restricted like in school. Rather, you are free! However, the bad side of this is that those new friends aren’t with you all the time. Each one of us is busy, is from a different faculty, different emphasis or major, have work, and most importantly, different schedules! Even my close friends disappear; some are in a different faculty and others in a different university. But these friends stick! Making plans for hangouts is even harder; I see my friends as I am rushing to my class. Hugs, kisses, and promise to see them again but never do until months later.

In university, no matter how little time you have to see your friends you don’t care, you just wanna see them even if its only 10 mins. In university, since it is too easy to make friends you end up making lots and lots of friends, and it is simply impossible to see them all. You try to find time for those true and close friends that you love the most!

So a lesson I learned is that friendship ain’t easy as it seems! It is a serious relationship 😛



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