Fraudulent Marriages

I’ve heard about these issues a lot; people getting married for money or to gain citizenship and then they divorce once they get what they want.


I’m sorry … what is this?! Are you sure this is called “marriage”?? I think you mean, “manipulation”! 

I am not talking about the case where they both agree on the conditions. Rather, I am talking about those being stabbed in the back! Why? What will they get from money or citizenship? Temporary happiness and short-term benefits. But have they ever looked further?! They hurt someone, manipulated them with a harsh, cold and selfish soul filled with lies of affection and love just to get where they want. And still I ask, why??!! 

I’ll tell you why, because some people aren’t able to control themselves correctly; they let their emotions get hold on them and guide them through greediness and selfishness without thinking it over. It’s like their brains are sitting in their skulls for decoration. 

People should stop this! This is not fair…

If you are still not convinced, well, how about if someone did that to you?! Made you fall in love with them, care about them for years and then suddenly, out of the blue, they say: ” I don’t this is gonna work out. We should end it! I want to divorce.” How would you feel then?! 



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