Talking in My Sleep

I am the person that talks a lot in her sleep. I am a quiet person; I only say what needs to be said but most of the things are kept to me. That’s why I’ve been described as a “vague” person.

One of my biggest fears is someone eavesdropping on me while I’m asleep. I speak a lot and I don’t remember anything. The first time I knew was when my dad told me. He said you were speaking 3 different languages and I didn’t understand what exactly you were saying. Now, I have had my doubts since you know how parents are; they want to know everything about their child. And my fear grew even more when my mom told me that she woke up on my screaming and gibbering on something that she didn’t understand. That’s when I was afraid that something might slip while I’m sleep talking. I am a person that loves privacy! And I know my mom was always seeking to open me up and get out whatever secrets I had, to make sure I am on the right path. (She wants to know if there is somebody in my life, most of the time. i.e. boyfriend and I don’t :P)

It has been haunting me ever since. It is sort of unfair, if you think about it. People can hear you talk about things in your sleep without giving them permission. It seems as an invasion of privacy.


Now, the good thing here is that I am living with my parents whom I trust the most. Yes, there are things I like to keep to myself but it’s better to be heard by my parents that a roommate that I have recently met who ‘seems’ nice.

I am not gonna play innocent here; I’ve done it to my sister before hahah! She was in love in chemistry ever since she was in school. She used to tell me to wake her up in 30 mins and if she doesn’t wake up to jump on her and shake her even if she screams ( and I end up being yelled at :P). So, when I would be waking her up she would start talking chemistry; CO2 mixed with something and this was on the exam and then we get this … It was fun listening to her as I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Then when she wakes up, I would tell her what I heard and laugh about it.

But really, is it possible that I may have spilled the beans? Should I be worried?

I’ve done some research and the answer is no. Most of the sentences we say make no sense at all as we can’t construct sentences while asleep. And the more I worry about it, the more likely I am going to do. So, I am gonna stop worrying! 😀

I sometimes wake up with my phone ringing; but I would be half asleep. So, now I know that I shouldn’t be worried when I answer the phone while asleep cuz I’ll be talking nonsense.

Anyone goes through this?


Here’s a song about this by The Romantics :




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