Go Make Your Bed!

I am the laziest at this; especially when my mom keeps nagging at me to do it.

It is the easiest chore ever but I just hate it and I hate it even more when someone keeps yelling at me to do it! What’s the point? I am going to sleep on my bed again so what’s the point in fixing it??

Up to date, I couldn’t find a convincing reply to my question and till now I don’t make my bed and every day I get lectured about it. When I ask, why should I? My mom replies by saying “It looks presentable”. Hahahaha!!

I still don’t understand what that means; the only people who enter my room are either my friends (who are just like me!) or my parents. So why should it matter if it is ‘presentable’ or not?

I hate mess but not making my bed is not a mess; it is logical! And it doesn’t say anything bad about my personality, if that’s another reason that’s supposed to persuade me.

So stop yelling over my head and lecturing me about making my bed, ‘cuz up till now you’re not convincing and once you are, I promise I’ll do it on my own!




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