Pressure, Come When I Need You!

For me, to be under pressure is two-sided. It’s good and bad.

It’s good when it ends procrastination and gets me started and serious. I get things done much faster than when I have a week to do so. However, I don’t get the chance to review my work. So I have to do my best!

It’s bad when the pressure overlaps and my hair turns grey. I get stressed, tired, anxious and pale. I get too serious and I don’t like that since I like to smile a lot. Rarely does anybody see me as serious; I am usually a very cheerful person. As for exams, pressure is never welcomed. Panic will fail me; so I just cool off before the test and do something fun and completely different. For example, I go hang out with friends who aren’t taking the test, or I watch a movie or eat something delicious or sit on the beach.

Pressure, come only when I need you; otherwise you’re not welcome. I love my hazelnut hair color; I don’t need another grey hair to ruin it!




My Best and Worst Dreams.

I want to share both kinds of dreams.


I had this dream since I was really young, maybe around 5 years old and I still remember only the beginning. I was having fun during and after the dream. It made me smile and still does. It shows how much I love adventure and aliens and space.

I was sitting on the couch at night in the living room watching something on TV and suddenly it became really dark with pink lights appearing. I was excited and rushed to the curtains and opened to see a space-like sky with with pink alien spaceships flying around and all I could see was the color pink with the darkness of space. I was happy and enjoying every moment. Somehow, I had to go to school, so I rushed down to find the school bus waiting for me. I got on the bus, which turned into a red car and the streets became wavy. Pink aliens were walking around like normal people with spaceships in the sky and some were landing.

That’s all I could remember! I don’t know why I love this dream so much and I barely remember what happened in the end.


One of my worst dreams and is also very repetitive is that when I am barefoot. And it occurs, always, when I am going to school. I would wake up late every morning and rush to the school bus. Once I am on the school bus, I feel the bus’s floor. I look down and I am barefoot. I get scared, worried, trying to figure out how to get a shoe or whether I should go back home or stay in school for the day without shoes. So the latter happens and I am walking around barefoot, feeling very uncomfortable.

I hate it soooo much!! And it keeps coming at me everytime!!


OMG! That’s probably the worst and the most clear. It was one hell of a nightmare and I am pretty sure I was screaming during my sleep.

I was walking down the streets late at night. All the shops were closed; only the lamp post lighted the streets. I crossed to the next block and saw the white light coming out from one of the shops. I wasn’t curious at all; I was going to pass by it without looking. But I did! I saw an old man using human skin as leather to his chairs and the remains of the flesh on the floor. I wanted to run away but the shock struck me in my place. I was so scared and I freaked out when the old man turned around and saw me. He wasn’t alone in the shop; he had a gang (that I guess did the kidnapping). He was coming towards me and I immediately ran as fast as possible. I heard him yell to his gang to get me before I said anything. I was on the run. I went immediately to my friends and told them what I saw and I was freaking out as I was telling them that they’re after me. They said they’d help me; so we went on the mini-van and it turns out in the end that one of my friend’s friend was part of the gang from the shop because he kidnapped me. I was in another car with the gang from the shop. The gang were superheroes from cartoon network! I kept asking them why they do this? And they would say we need leather for the chairs and it’s the best. And I would keep getting under their skin to get some emotion, so that I could escape. They had to stop for a bit and this was my chance to escape and I did (How? I have no idea) I was running with the speed of the snail. They were right behind me and I was running in my place!!

Then … I woke up! Thank God, it was just a dream! Pheww!!

That was one hell of a nightmare … what movie was I watching that day?! I hope such murderers don’t really exist; only in movies!

And the worst part is when you’re trying to run and all of the sudden you’re in slow motion! What the hell??!!

Go Make Your Bed!

I am the laziest at this; especially when my mom keeps nagging at me to do it.

It is the easiest chore ever but I just hate it and I hate it even more when someone keeps yelling at me to do it! What’s the point? I am going to sleep on my bed again so what’s the point in fixing it??

Up to date, I couldn’t find a convincing reply to my question and till now I don’t make my bed and every day I get lectured about it. When I ask, why should I? My mom replies by saying “It looks presentable”. Hahahaha!!

I still don’t understand what that means; the only people who enter my room are either my friends (who are just like me!) or my parents. So why should it matter if it is ‘presentable’ or not?

I hate mess but not making my bed is not a mess; it is logical! And it doesn’t say anything bad about my personality, if that’s another reason that’s supposed to persuade me.

So stop yelling over my head and lecturing me about making my bed, ‘cuz up till now you’re not convincing and once you are, I promise I’ll do it on my own!