Cracking Knuckles

Please, please, Please!! Just stop cracking your knuckles!!! 

It’s very annoying. I just don’t understand what they sense when they do that?! I mean, it’s already annoying listening to it; no need to feel it too. 

I’ve noticed a lot of people crack their knuckles without flinching; it seems enjoyable (to them). But if I were to work in a workplace with people continuously and enjoyably cracking their knuckles, I would be immediately sent to a mental hospital! I can’t explain why… it simply drives me mad. I guess when I hear the sound, I imagine bones breaking or anything painful. Ughhh! 

No, I mean it! Seriously I am not kidding, STOP cracking your knuckles! 

I will admit; I too have a bad habit that people hate. But I won’t tell you what it is; today’s topic is not about “my” vice but “their” vices 😛 

Maybe I’ll disclose it another time, when I am ready. 



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