I Grant You 3 Wishes!

I remember the first time I watched Aladdin when I was kid and Genie appeared and offered Aladdin 3 wishes. I was awed! I said to myself: “I wish I was there; I want 3 wishes! I would have asked for candies for each meal, Pikachu Pokemon card to show it off, and schools to shut down so that I could play all day long!” 

Haha! Now I look back and think to myself: ” Look at what used to worry about. I was free!” 

My life changed a lot, in good and bad ways. But you know what? I’ve grown too and I realized that my worst times where actually my favorite times and they always stuck in my mind. I still remember them and wish I could go back and go to detention, stay after-school and be silly, play pranks on teachers, chew gum and get yelled at, and send notes in the pencil case! These where my BEST days, when they were my WORST at that time. 

And here I am today in university, going through my 3rd stage of my life and feeling like shit. Each day is more demanding and worse than the other and they don’t seem to end! 

If a genie comes out now and says: “Today is your lucky day! I will grant you 3 wishes. Tell me what you want!” I will respond by:” Thanks, but no thanks! I want to live these horrible days. When I am through and pass through my 4th stage of my life, I will look back and think to myself about how lucky I was: Free to skip class and work, meet with friends, participate in fun activities, get drunk, stay out late nights, overnight studying (not fun, but something to laugh about!), begging the teacher to change my grade or asking for help and making as many mistakes as I want and learning from them, getting a driver’s licence and drifting, failing and laughing about it.”

I don’t want to change anything in my life. I am satisfied. I just want to go with the flow and enjoy every moment whether it’s good or bad. 


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