Hey That’s Me!

I’m standing in front of the mirror as I fix my hair for college. I stare at my reflection and smile. I say to myself: “Hey that’s me! I’m so lucky to meet such a wonderful person.”

Now, I look more closely. My nose is slightly big, my face is small, one of my eyebrows has a flaw and I have some blackheads and pimples. But you know what?! I don’t give a shit! This is me and there is nothing I’d want to change about myself. I’m original. I don’t want to be like the rest of the “Plastics”.

Have you ever questioned where true beauty lies? I did, after I saw the first “plastic”. She made me jump from my place. She had huge lips and the tightest face I’ve ever seen. She had no expression at all! I wondered to myself, what does she see when she looks in the mirror? Does she see herself on the inside? Does she see beauty or perfection?

One must differentiate between the two. Beauty does not equal perfection; beauty is filled with flaws and accepting them as they are without trying to alter them. I don’t understand why people are always seeking perfection in the outer appearance when perfection doesn’t even exist. Each one of us has flaws and that is what makes us unique! One of my flaws is that I get too nervous sometimes, that I mess things up :/ And sometimes, I just can’t help but laugh it out. Also, my expressions might reflect innocence, but don’t be fooled. I’m strong from the inside. I may fail to show it through facial expressions but I strike well with words. I don’t want to stretch my face so as to look serious; that’s ridiculous. I won’t see myself anymore.

When I look in the mirror, I want see myself and that’s all. I am beautiful from the inside and that’s what matters.

Can you say the same? 



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