After 211 days…

I hate predictions; I don’t like to fast forward to the future. I like to stay in present and live each second. Life’s too short to always plan for the future. I understand in business that planning is very crucial for future growth but that is not always the case in personal life. Personal life is different from business; it requires being awake in the present while planning is for setting goals and being organized.

But let’s say someone asked me to fast forward 211 days from today and to explain what I would be doing at that day. On 211th day from today would be July 30th. On July 27th, it was my birthday where I’d been older by one year and am 21 years old. Three days later, I’d still be at my internship gaining as much information and experience from my colleagues and work as much as possible. I would have by that date completed half of my required internship and would have a clear idea of what the year 2015 holds for me and in which path I would be pursuing. On that day, I would have made a choice on what I’d be doing in 2015 as a career.

That’s my answer. But until that day comes, a lot of things might change… things that I don’t know of and don’t want to know of. I’m happy today and that’s all that matters to me now. 


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