My New Year is…

For me, New Year’s Eve is just like any other day. In my family we spend it at home; my parents await the predictions of astrologists for what the future carries for us while eating snacks with a glass of wine. When it strikes 12 o’clock, we hug and wish each other a happy new year. If we’re tired, we go to sleep otherwise we watch TV .

As for me, I grew tired of predictions and TV and the nonsense. It means nothing to me. Predictions? Some did come true but why await the future when we are living the present? This is my motto: “Live the moment! “ As for TV, I quit my addiction a long time ago because I got bored 😛

One reason I love this holiday: Family Reunions. It’s a day we could celebrate to be together as one “whole” family in this week of vacation.

Yet, I have grown tired of giving this day too much credit. Yes, I understand. It’s a new year, a new beginning, a new start and a change. But should it always have to be on New Year? Why should it be restricted to that day? Why wait? Start today, tomorrow or any other day you wish! New Year is neither the end nor the beginning of a year; it is simply the cycle of life that continues to go on and on and on…


So that’s how I’m spending it tonight… blogging! 




I loved this year because I created my one space on WordPress where I could write anything that comes to my mind and get it off my chest. Up to date, I have 41 followers. I never imagined having that many followers in my life. I never thought my blog was interesting at all.

I’d like to say thank you to my followers and visitors who have liked my posts and followed my blog, you motivated me to keep blogging more and more. ❤

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope 2014 gets better than the previous years with more achievements! Have a good night and stay safe 😀 


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