… But there’s free food.

–    Hey, would you like to come to the industry convention next Thursday? I will be holding an important speech and I’d appreciate your support.

–   I would love to but … I’ve some things. You know…

–   But, there will be free food!

–   I could reschedule. I would love to come!

Haha! It’s true. It gets to me as well.

I mean what would anyone want do at a convention filled with speeches that mean nothing to them. It’s boring. But free food … hmmm that’s interesting!

I remember once when I was at school, we had a meeting for something my friends and I participated in (can’t remember what it was… we never attended it :P). So we weren’t planning on going but once we heard that there will be “free food”, we rushed there. We decided to eat and leave. Hahaha! I remember we stored some in our bags for lunch. It’s not like we were starving or anything, we were full. But I don’t know :/

Now, I look back at that time and smile thinking how silly we were. But it remains till today: We are invited somewhere we are not interested in but if they offered free food or snacks so we go.

But why?!

I, have no idea. I can’t think of anything convincing. It’s just weird.

For a starving person, I’d understand the reason but for a full person I’d just have to ask.

Does anyone have a clue?!


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