” Describe Yourself”

I am sure most of you have encountered this question at least once in your lives.

I have been asked this question on the last day of school. My teacher was asking each of us a question about ourselves and then it was my turn. He said: “Leah! You are a vague and mysterious student, and I haven’t understood who you are really. I know you’re quiet, shy and smart. But that’s all. I’d like to hear it from you; describe yourself in one sentence.”

Ok, that’s the toughest question and he chose me?! Come on!  I didn’t know where to start and in ONE SENTENCE??!! That’s impossible.

I was 15 years old at that time and I was still discovering myself. If I still didn’t know myself, how the hell do you expect me to tell you in ONE sentence?! So he realized I had difficulty answering it so he gave me the option to “pass”. And so I did.

But now seriously, if you were asked this question how would you approach it and from where do you start? It’s such a broad question. Each person has around hundreds of tiny aspects; how could you describe them in words on the spot? It’s too much pressure.

I’m 20 today and I’m still getting to know myself. But I have received some tips on how to approach it and from there I created my own way.

If I’m nervous, relax! It’s just a question; it’s not gonna kill me. Breathe. Ready? Ok.

Next, be honest. I can say how I changed, introduce myself, describe my hobbies or interests or beliefs or I could tell a story that has changed me to the person I am today.

And then … That’s it.

What I learned from the internet is too cliché and that’s not what anybody wants to hear even at the interviews. I bet if I was the interviewer I would stop you right there, ask you to take one deep breath and start over but this time be original.

Luckily, I have my blog here that describes who I am through posts, media and quotes. If I get stuck, I could just simply refer to it: “If you want to know more you could take a look at my personal blog. You will know everything you need to know!”

If you have other ways of approaching such a question or a story or anything you’d like to share, I’d appreciate your feedback. 


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