When the movie ends

So now you’re at the cinema watching a great and capturing movie and it’s almost over. What will you do after the movie ends and the lights come up? Do you get up immediately to leave, or you stay seated for a while to get back to reality? You might say, it depends on the movie and who you are with. If the movie sucks, you’d choose the former. But if the movie is breathtaking, you need some time to realize that it’s just a movie.

But me, I stay seated no matter what. Why? Because I want to hear the end credits.

Yup! I am the one who stay seated even after everyone has left. I won’t leave till the screen is black.

I don’t understand some people. Some would immediately get up to leave even if they love the movie. Why? What’s rush for? Take your time. Let the movie get ingested slowly.

So if you see someone still sitting down even after the movie is over, don’t poke them. Leave them alone; let them enjoy the moment or what’s remaining of it. 



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