Scared to Blog?!

A few days ago, I was studying for my Public Relations exam and I came upon a section about blogging. I got excited since it was something I could relate to.

While I was reading it, fear started building inside me. I became scared to blog. I read that some people sued bloggers because they were offended by what they said. That got me thinking, what if that was me? What if I get sued for saying something that may offend others while I am not aware of that? That thought scared the hell out of me and the “what if” questions wouldn’t stop popping up.

Should I stop blogging? Is it for the best?

But what about my space, my freedom that I have when I created my blog? That will go away. No! I will not stop blogging. I am not speaking of a sensitive topic; I am talking about who I am. If that is offensive for other people, well then let it be. I respect everyone’s point of view. But I will never change who I am unless I want to change, and I love and enjoy blogging and I don’t want to stop. So, I’ll continue.

And isn’t blogging about describing an opinion? a belief? Why sue? I don’t understand.

I mean if you’re offended, state it. Say your point of view. Why sue? If you don’t want to state it, ignore it.

But then again, if someone is spreading a false rumor about someone and a huge percentage of people are reading the blog then yeah there should be boundaries. But I wouldn’t consider suing. A warning would be better, then if one is not responding, ban from blogging.

So I will continue to blog because I could finally describe who I am through posts, media, quotes and other. I created my own space here and everybody is welcome. Say whatever you want, I respect it. If I offended anybody in any way, please do say so. Don’t sue me, please 😛 


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