“Punctuation is Powerful”

I think the gender wars will never end, no matter how hard we try to convince each other of a “balance”. There is no balance, and there will never be one in issues as such.

Some men will still have the mentality that women’s place is in the kitchen, and others will still think that women are too trustworthy in the workplace and still others will say that women follow their emotions rather than their logic.

And I’m not going to be a sexist and stop here. Some women will still say that all this is bullshit, and some will say that men are too proud and like to be dominant and use force and some women will say that men are paid higher salaries because the boss is a man (and vice versa).

No matter how hard one tries to reduce this effect; no one can eliminate it. People have different perspectives and the world is huge; you simply can’t alter each and every individual’s mentality.

The same issue is repeated in the East and West wars. It’s never gonna end! So we just gotta live with it :/

BUT I am not saying to give up on fighting for your rights. Everyone’s rights due to domestic abuse is unacceptable and has to end! 



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