I am a procrastinator.

I am a procrastinator, sleepy, tired and bored and I am 20. How can I end this permanently?

I don’t know. I am trying. It works once and then I go back to the same issue all over again. To solve this, I decided to know what’s the reason.

There might be several reasons behind this “habit”. I’ll call it a habit, because it is so. A habit is doing something you’re used to and even if you try to get away from it, it will keep haunting you. That’s it exactly.

I don’t know the real reason behind but I can list the following:

1. A lot to do in so little time.

2. No time to relax, have fun.

3. I’m in desperate need of a vacation and I can’t wait till another month of stress. 

4. I’m mentally tired. 

5. I am no longer motivated, no matter what I do. 

6. I want to go to another place. 

7. I want to be independent. 


Until I discover the reason, which I doubt, I will say this: I am a procrastinator, bored and tired, sleepy and I am 20. This is me at this moment. 


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