What’s My Age Again?!

Well that’s a random title! Haha. You might be wondering what I’ll be talking about. There is no hidden message in here, I will talk about whatever the title says. 

Ever since I turned 18 and entered college, it just didn’t feel so. I didn’t feel like 18, rather I felt like a 16 year old. I guess I was too overwhelmed by how fast time passed by and school time is over. I am moving to another stage, with my childhood classmates and bffs separating into our own paths. We are no longer together in the same class, doing foolish pranks on the teachers and making silly noises, going to “detention” and so on. I will never hear the word “detention” again or “spit out that gum” or “put your water bottles off the table” or “stop talking”. This stage is over! And it’s ironic. I always dreamt of the day that school would be over and I’ll be free of the “torture” I’ve going through. Now that it’s over, I don’t want it to be so. I want to go back. It is, I think, because I wasn’t aware at that time that the next stage will be more hellish than the first one. And school would be a paradise compared to college. 

I remember the day before university started. I was nervous and excited A LOT! I was worried I would be surrounded by strangers and be lost and miss classes and whatever bad idea came to mind. But I was also excited that my parents would give me space; I will have my freedom (but of course that never happened!) 

Ever since I set foot into college, I felt like this is all a dream. I wasn’t 18, still in school, still young and foolish, still irresponsible. Now, I’m 20 and I don’t remember the day I turned 20. I blurt out that I’m 19.

Mainly that’s because:

1. I haven’t celebrated my birthday. I had a make-up final exam on that day! 

2. After my “birthday”, I had piles and piles of duties that didn’t seem to finish. I couldn’t breath! 

3. After I finished my summer internship, the next day immediately the new fall semester began. And it turns out it is very short: 14 weeks only. 

4. Today the fall semester is ending, and I have 3 BIG projects to submit by December (that I didn’t begin with yet!), accompanying it are assignments, small group reports, and I am behind on my studies! 

So I guess I am too busy getting things done that I forget when was the last time I turned 20. I really don’t remember my birthday. Everything is happening too quickly.. and I am finding it hard to keep up with everything. Is that weird? 

God Knows what will happen to me when I turn 30! 😛 

P.S. The good thing is that people still think I’m in school, cuz I have a “baby” face. Hahah! 

        And Blink 182 has a song about it .. just knew that! But its not quite related to me. But anyways here’s a little treat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7l5ZeVVoCA   Enjoy 😀 



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