My Biggest Fear: Heights

I always have nightmares of falling from high places. And I’d be screaming and my breath would cut off for real. I know that because when I wake up I would be panting! Yup.. this fear doesn’t only exist in the real world but also in my very own dream world. And I hate it. I sleep to relax not to be haunted by my fears.

Not only this if I see a picture like that:

I get the chills and my heart would beat so fast… as if i am in his place. Oh god! This is one scary picture…

I tried getting over that fear but it just won’t leave me alone. That’s what I did:

 On my trip to my brother in Maryland, we decided to go to Six Flags America and the first ride I got on was Tower of Doom as a “warm-up” like my brother would say. At first, yes I was freaking out but then when I reached the top it was such a beautiful view .. i could see ride of steel and people’s hands in the air.

Six Flags America

But I had this haunting feeling of falling down.. but when? I don’t know. The suspense was killing me.  And when we were dropped, my heart stopped for a couple of seconds.

Next ride was the Mind Eraser: the name was more than enough to describe the experience that I will have soon!

 I remember waiting for my turn and I could see people’s feet flying in the air and all I could think of is what if somebody was wearing a flip flop and it fell into the rails and stopped the whole thing and everybody is hanging up there until the mechanic comes ..what if it happens when I’m on it ( I watched the final destination before I went to Six flags… very very very bad idea!! I’m Stupid :/ ) None of this happened, thank God! But my neck cracked.. I was slipping down during the ride so I was trying to fix myself up as the ride was going in twisting moves and my head was going from side to side and my neck cracked.. ouch!!

I was forced to go on many more rides but I refused to go on the Ride of Steel.. I made my sister go with my brother. My heart deserves a break.

I also when to another trip when my brother moved to NM. And went to Cliff’s amusement park and went through the same drill but this time my sister wasn’t with us, so I had to go on every ride. And I was still scared! Why?

I have no idea!! I just can’t get over it! What makes this fear even more creepy is that it has a name: Acrophobia. Why do they name fears??!! As a sign of respect maybe.

Anyways, I’m still finding a way to fight this fear and I’m not stopping till I do. BUT.. skydiving is NOT part of the plan 😛


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