I Don’t See The Difference!

I Don’t See The Difference!

Some people remain the way they are, despite years and years of difference. Their face simply remains as it is, maybe a few slight changes but overall … the same. 

I belong to this group of people. Since I was 12 till now (20 years old), I still have the same face. Some slight changes but the same face features. I love it and hate it. 

I love it because.. well.. I will always look young haha!! No need to lie about my age… people will see me and assume I am of a certain young age ( I am talking in the future). But I hate it because I have this innocent, childish face and I am majoring in Business. And Business needs this strong confident, womanly face. So, I don’t know if that will create obstacles in getting a job. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy this article.

P.S. The most important thing to know in life is that beauty is always from inside. If you want to be truly loved and admired, you should be internally beautiful and have those brains working well. No one cares about outside beauty anymore. But some do and those want to have fun so stay away from them .. they could wreck you. 


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