Stress, Good or Bad?

Yup university started and its the 5th week already and I’m dying!! One project per class at the least due in consecutive days; what can I say? Yay?? Hell No! My situation is described in the above picture.. if I could “accidentally” shoot myself then I won’t have to suffer that annoying feeling that keeps haunting me: STRESS.

So I have heard a lot of people, especially students, complain of stress. Too many projects with midterms coming up. One of them is me 🙂
It’s annoying. I feel lost, confused and sometimes I feel I’ve got Alzheimer’s disease early. I have more grey hairs. I oversleep sometimes because I am really TIRED !!

But have you ever heard of the good side of stress? I’ll tell you what it is. When you’re stressed you have no time to procrastinate. You will do all you can to reduce the stress by finishing as many tasks as you can. So in the end you finish earlier than when you’re relaxed. When you’re relaxed, you actually procrastinate.. because you think you have a lot of time so I don’t have to do it now.. I’ll do it later. And later is when you’re overloaded and stressed, you get it done.

So what I conclude here is that everyone hates stress but we are leading ourselves to stress, unconsciously, to get the things done.
Am I wrong?
Think about it!


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