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Movies I Can’t Get Tired Of (Part I)

I can watch the following movies a million times and I’ll never get tired of them.

1) How to lose a guy in 10 days 

The perfect romantic comedy ! A few laughs, a few tears and a lot of smiling. Totally worth watching 😀

2) A Knight’s Tale

A nice story, not typical. Funny, sad and has a few morals you can learn from. And a great memory of Heath Ledger.

3) Flicka 

A really, really beautiful movie. Loved it from the minute it started and captured me till the end. She would rather turn down her engagement to stay with that horse and the ranch she lives in. I cried a lot in this movie but it made me smile in the end. A motivating and inspiring movie and worth every minute.

4) Chocolat 

Not only a beautiful movie but also a very delicious one. Chocolate!!!! Yummyyy!!  One of the sweetest things that I can’t live without… especially dark chocolate. Oh you’ll find a lot of chocolate here and they’re tempting 😛
In summary, the movie is a delicious love story !

To be continued …. 😉

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Sometimes I Just Want To Waste Time

Yup.. and it is wrong and I know it

But I just want to.. or may be i need it 

Dunno :/ 

But it’s like taking a break and doing something random.. something unplanned 

It feels great while doing it but if I overdo it I feel guilt later 

So the secret is … (I mean according to me) 
Do something unplanned once in a while but moderately. 

It raises up my morale from one point and from another I feel less stressed out 🙂 

Mother Who Starved Her Son To Death

Mother Who Starved Her Son To Death

I understand she was passing through difficulties, but she is a mother! A mother becomes a mother the moment she knows she’s pregnant. She should have at least sought for help. She should be scared if they get the slightest scratch, she should have feelings even the slightest. They are part of her! I don’t understand why she didn’t ask for help or let the father see his children. I can’t see the slightest motherhood in her. 

And I think the father is guilty too. If he was so scared for his children he should have not listened to her and just went in and checked on them. And he shouldn’t have waited for the police or her approval. Fathers have instincts too and they should always follow them no matter what. 

May the child rest in peace.