Back To College!


First semester started 3 weeks ago and I am already very very overwhelmed with assignments and projects. Coffee is not doing anything at all! I would drink 2 cups a day and I would be even more sleepy. 
My schedule this semester is a killer on Mondays and Wednesdays where I start at 8am and finish at 6.30 pm. No coffee would keep me awake at the end of the day! I am surprised how I don’t get hit by a car as I cross the street cuz honestly, after my fifth class ends my vision is completely blurred!! I would arrive home dead and sleep flat on my stomach til the next day. 

And now all I could think of is going to the Maldives! All I could think of is spending just a day or two to just calm down and get my thoughts straight. I haven’t taken a break since spring semester… and I really need one. I feel like I am in a mental breakdown! 

But I know that’s not going to happen so I watch stand up comedy to laugh and get that stress out! 



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